How To Choose Right Apparel For Travel

What should you wear? It is one of the trickiest questions that you face every time when you are planning a holiday or traveling to outstation or foreign land. Of course the purpose of your travel takes the top consideration while making a decision, still, there are certain things, like choosing the right apparel that does make your journey a lot more comfortable and easy.

Traveling Light By Co-coordinating Colors  

Travelling can be quite challenging considering the hassles you have to undergo while flying, hauling your luggage around and jet lag. Despite all these issues, the prime focus is always to wear trending and fashionable clothes and exude that wow factor with your every appearance.

Fashion experts believe that while you decide on what clothes to pack, ideally you must choose apparels in three matching colors that you can mix and match and wear for creating a different outfit for various occasions on different days.  Of course, your choice will entirely depend on your destination.

For example, if you are heading to Paris or any other similar glamorous urban destination, choosing a combination of white, navy, black, and charcoal is always a good bet. For outdoor excursions or beach vacation, anything in off-white, khaki, orange and yellow or bright hues works best.  White linen works best in warm weather for the evening as well as day outings.

Being Flexible With One Dress   

Ideally, for traveling a pair of nice pants, a pair of jeans and a striped button down, a comfortable T-shirt and a blazer is just perfect. Importantly, you must ensure that your luggage does not include bulky dresses or heavy full jackets and suits as they make the luggage heavier and also take a lot of space. So what works the best? Women can opt for a slip dress, a pair of bold earrings ensemble with high-heeled sandals whereas men can always opt for the flexible, multipurpose blazer, loafers, and crisp white shirt. 

Leggings Are Must-Have In Every Woman Traveler’s List

For every travel-savvy woman, nothing beats the importance of having a few leggings in her luggage. These highly flexible apparels can work as pajamas bottoms, workout bottoms, hiking bottoms, layers under jeans, dresses, and skirts.  Irrespective of whether you are planning a business tour for a few days or a world tour for holiday, leggings are a must as they take very little space and are highly versatile.

You can use them for a wide array of activities and they work fairly well in all weather conditions. Certainly, you cannot wear leggings as pants or trousers but you can smartly style them for that special at leisure look or as an airplane outfit or also as a layer under tunic, long top or dress. More often, the leggings are made from stretchable material, moisture-wicking knit and sewed with flat-lock seams which make them extremely breathable, comfortable and chafe-free.

Most of the leggings with elastic waistbands also have hidden key pocket that allows you to keep important things of travel-use.

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