7 Tips How To Wear Leggings Outside The Gym

 Do you wish you could wear leggings almost every day? You’re not alone. In fact, a lot of women find leggings comfortable as they are stretchable, flexible and come in all sizes. They’re so versatile that you can wear them for almost any occasion. It can be a casual day, a hike or a workout, a day at work, or even a night out. They’re much more comfortable than jeans and can conveniently be paired with almost anything. Here are a few ways you can pair leggings with other attire to make the perfect outfit for any occasion.

  1. Pair with plaid shirt and boots: If you’re looking for a casual outfit that is trendy and comfortable you could match your favourite T-shirt and a long plaid shirt. You could choose to button up or leave the plaid shirt hanging loose. A pair of boots will add to the look, especially a long black or brown pair. If you’re going to be outside you can even wear a sun hat.Leggings paired with shirts and boots
  2. Pair with blazer, formal shirt and heels: When paired with the right attire, leggings are quite appropriate for a work day. You could wear a white shirt with a dark coloured pair of leggings - maroon, navy, murky greens, or black. The professional look is complete when you add a blazer to the mix. The outcome is an elegant, but dressy feel for a comfortable day at work.Leggings paired with blazer
  3. Pair with a mini-skirt or shorts: You can wear a pair of grey leggings under a miniskirt or a pair of shorts for a gorgeous look. Almost all types of miniskirts go well with leggings and so do shorts, including denim. You could also throw on a knitted scarf and a pair of sneakers for a really smart look.Leggings paired with mini skirt
  4. Pair with a dress: Yes, you can pair your leggings with a dress, even a summer dress! A summer dress is probably the best option too. You can wear your favourite dresses all through the year, including in winter, if you pair them with leggings. Dresses are chic and always look stylish. A dress paired with leggings makes for a cosy and warm combination that also looks fabulous.Leggings paired with dress
  5. Pair with a long oversized sweater: This is probably the most comfortable outfit on planet earth when the weather is chilly. This fits almost every occasion and lets you be comfortable all through the day. You can wear a long and loose sweater with a pair of plaid leggings. You could also pair a black pair of leggings with a patterned large size sweater. You could add a bright pair of heels to the mix.Leggings paired with long oversized sweater
  6. Pair with a leather jacket: Speaking of heels, nothing looks sassier than a pair of heels paired with leggings and a leather jacket. A black or white t-shirt would look really cute too. You could throw on your favourite accessories to finish the look.Leggings paired with leather jacket
  7. Pair with a trench coat: If a bold look is what you’re going for, you can choose to match a pair of leggings with a back tee and a trench coat. Leggings and a trench coat make for a really classy outfit! Pick out your favourite footwear and you should have a great look going for any occasion.Leggings paired with trench coat

     Leggings are considered to be more comfortable than most other bottoms and can be used for parties, workdays, for travel or on casual days. All you have to do is pair them with the right top and footwear.

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